Hugs & Love

At some point,  “hugs and love” became our family’s catchphrase for showing affection.  I’ll ask my kids for “hugs and love,” which consists of a big hug, a kiss from me, and saying I love you.

It is one thing we try to make sure we do multiple times a day at our house.  It’s hard to feel bad with lots of hugs and love!

A simple hug can be very powerful and it can even improve your health. Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that spouses who hugged for 20 seconds had higher levels of oxytocin and lower heart rates and blood pressure.  A few months ago, after I read that one way to keep a strong marriage is to hug 10 seconds a day, I started holding on a little longer when I hugged my hubby – now I’ll have to change that to 20 seconds!

My sister experienced the amazing power of touch and hugs when her twins were born prematurely. You can ready about her inspiring story here.

Most people feel more comfortable hugging little ones than adults, but everyone, young and old, can benefit from the power of a hug.

So, be generous with your hugs… it’s good for both your health and the lucky one receiving your love!

Hugs & Love,


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