5-Minute Meditation for Stress Relief

I previously mentioned meditation as a way to achieve unconditional love and am excited to explore it more. My mom taught me how to meditate as a teenager and has a chapter dedicated to it in her book.  Although I was a sporadic meditator, watching my parents incorporate it into their lives was beneficial.  It seems strange now to think back to my first year out of college when I led a guided meditation for my co-workers at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport.  I still remember the benefits, but I feel like I am starting from scratch.

With any new positive behavior change, like my sister mentioned, it can be overwhelming to begin.  With our busy lives, it is often difficult to make time to be still without a million thoughts going through our head.

So, I was excited when I came across this 2-minute video segment of Deepak Chopra on the Dr. Oz show on how to do a 5-minute meditation.

Most of us can relate to feeling stress or anxiety; some often multiple times a day. This video is focused on eliminating stress with just five minutes of meditation.

5 minute seems manageable.   And who doesn’t want to eliminate stress?!

Here are the 4 steps he recommends –

Step 1 – Sit up straight, close your eyes and bring awareness to your breath

Step 2 – Repeat the mantra “SHIVO HUM”

(Say it mentally; don’t move your lips or tongue)

Step 3 – Think of an experience of love or someone you love

(Evoke the experience of love in your consciousness)

Step 4- Reflect on what you want

(Put your awareness in your heart and ask yourself, “What do I want?”)

I also love the simplicity of meditation. You can benefit from the basic principles throughout the day without actually sitting and meditating. Even if you have only 30 seconds, you can take several deep breaths or just think about love.  It is easy to feel good when you are thinking about someone or something that you love. The hard part is taking the few minutes during your busy life to stop and do it.

I have finally begun to acknowledge the physical symptoms I get when I am feeling stressed. Simple deep breaths have helped me become calmer. I am hoping that incorporating a few minutes of meditation will help as well!

I will have more to come on this topic. If you are already a regular meditator or just a beginner, please share your words of encouragement!!