The Power of Love

My dad, sisters and I have been really touched by all of the emails, Facebook messages, texts, letters and calls about my Mom since Court’s post last week.

I have received several messages from my childhood friends talking about how loved they felt by Mom.  It is amazing to me to hear people talk about the impact she had on them over 15 years ago.

I think my sisters and I have taken for granted how much love was (and still is) in our family.  There was never one second that we doubted how much our parents loved us. Saying “I love you” was a normal part of conversation.  What I didn’t realize, until recently, was that our friends also felt that love.  Sometimes my parents said the words “I love you” to our friends, but mostly it was unspoken.

I don’t know for sure what it was that made my friends feel loved by our parents; but I feel safe in assuming that they did (and my Dad still does) feel unconditional love for all of our friends.  They expressed that love through non-judgment, taking a genuine interest in their discussions, and just being there.

Love is powerful in simple ways.

As a mother myself now I want to be able to spread the love to my children’s friends, as well.  Whether your kids are in grade school or high school or married with their own children, the principle is the same: everyone needs to feel loved, safe and know they won’t be judged.

We cannot underestimate the power of love.   The love you give (or don’t give) to others could impact them more than you realize.

How much you say, “I love you?”  Do your parents, children, siblings, and friends really know how much you love them?

Do those around you feel your love without it being spoken?

Positivity, non-judgment and genuine concern for others are sure ways to show love without actually saying it.

One of my Mom’s favorite songs was Celine Dion’s Power of Love.  She would sing and dance to it for years after it was released.   As I listen to this song, I’m going to remember that the power of love goes way beyond the love between a man and a woman. And I’m pretty sure that is why my Mom loved the song so much.