Just Doin’ It

Sometimes you can get a boost of inspiration from somewhere or someone you least expect.

This happened to me a few weeks ago while I was in Nashville, TN for a work conference and I am still thinking about it.

One morning I got up early to run in Centennial Park, which was across the street from our hotel.  I was actually pretty proud of myself for getting up before 6am to workout.  That is not typical of me – I hate getting up early and I hate working out in the morning!

I started out feeling good, but tired out much sooner than I expected and didn’t go as long or as fast as I wanted.  As I was walking back to the hotel, I still felt good from the run, but could feel the negative thoughts starting to creep in my head. I was starting to beat myself for not doing enough.

Just as these thoughts started in my head, I passed 3 older men, who appeared to be homeless, sitting in the park.  I said hello. And one of them commented on my “working out”.   I said, “I am trying” with a hint of negativity.

And he said “No, you Doin’ It! You’re not trying, YOU DOIN’ IT!

And I smiled and genuinely thanked him.  It was a simple reminder to be proud of myself for doing it.  Not being critical because I didn’t do enough.

The great thing is that the more you keep doing it – the easier it will be.

Before you know it five minutes of running or walking has turned into 30 minutes.

You will be able to add 10 more pounds when lifting weights.

Those crazy yoga moves, won’t seem so crazy after awhile.

 3 Reminders I Gained That Day –

1) Just Do It – Make the effort to exercise, no matter how long or hard.

2) Be Proud of Yourself – The more you associate a positive experience with working out, the more you will   want to do it.

3) Keep Doin’ It! – There are countless benefits to exercise and the more it is part of your routine, the better you will feel – both physically and mentally.