Teaching with Love

This week another school year has ended and summer break has begun. I am so grateful for an amazing year with teachers who really loved our kids.  Our first grader’s teacher is one those very special educators.  Her classroom is truly filled with love and you can tell by the way my son talks about her. He tells us how fun and funny she is. He imitates her laugh. He repeats some of her jokes.

He raves about how nice she is, even when someone is doing something that they shouldn’t be. He told me that she promised them at the beginning of the year that she would never yell and she never did.

As a parent, I love the positive reinforcement that she bases her classroom. She made a point of letting her students know that if they made a bad choice they could start fresh the next day.

be better than you were yesterday

She taught her first graders many things (reading, writing, arithmetic), but I feel that the most important thing they left her classroom with was knowing they were loved.  They will enter into 2nd grade with feelings of love, security, and confidence.


I still remember my first grade teacher. She was my favorite. It probably wasn’t because she was the best. Most likely it was from the way she made me feel. I think back and have such happy memories. I remember her hugs. I remember feeling loved. I’m so happy that my oldest will have those memories, as well. I hope that he and his siblings come across many more great teachers and positive influences in their lives.

Teaching with love leads to inspiration.


teacher quote

Have a great rest of the weekend!