7 Tips to Make People Feel Good

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I love this quote. It is so true.

It is also one area that I know I can improve in my life. I am very aware of how others make me feel, but I often forget to pay attention on how I make others feel.

I always want people to feel safe, comfortable and loved around me.  However, most of the time I have no idea if I actually do because it’s not something most people discuss. I hate the thought of making others feel bad or them leaving feeling they have been judged after they talk to me. I never have the intention of doing it, but I’m sure there have been instances when it has happened.

Just being aware of how you make others feel is a great first step.

Here are a few simple things you can do to make people feel good (and loved!) These apply to everyone – strangers, acquaintances, co-workers, students, friends, family, and significant others!

1. Smile.  It’s simple, but it always makes people feel better.

2. Be positive. No one really wants to hear complaining or negativity. Stay positive and people will feel good around you. However, this is not to  say that you shouldn’t share your true feelings with those close to you.  There is something comforting knowing you can be yourself – venting, negativity and all – around your loved ones, including friends. Just make sure every it isn’t every conversation!

3. Don’t criticize. Offer positive suggestions instead of criticism if you feel that it will help the person. If not, keep quiet. Being criticized can be really hurtful, but is definitely helpful it is offered positively. It is really all about how you say it not what you say.

4. Listen. Most people love to talk about themselves and their family. If you listen attentively, are genuinely interested, and ask questions it makes people feel even better.

5. Compliment. Everyone loves to be complimented, as long as it seems genuine. Be careful to not over-compliment – sometimes that can feel awkward or fake.

6. Don’t forget to ask, “How are you doing?”  Often we are too busy or are afraid of a long-winded answer, but this really does make people feel loved.

7. Give encouragement.  If someone is feeling down or struggling, a little positive encouragement is usually greatly appreciated.  Take a few minutes to send a text, email or card in the mail – a little can go a long way!

I always have great intentions for doing something nice, especially when people are going through a hard time. But when that intention isn’t followed through with an action, it is a waste.  Fortunately writing this post has encouraged me to put my intentions into action.  A few cards, emails, texts and gifts have finally gone out.

Any other tips to share on making others feel good, loved and comfortable around you?  Is there anything others do to make you feel especially good or bad?



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