Guest Post: Reinventing Yourself

One of my main motivators for starting Love Well Live Well was the potential to share inspiration and real life stories from others. For me, there is nothing better than having guest posts to do just that.  I have known Jean Callaghan-Hoskins since high school and am so excited to have her share a little piece of her journey. She has always been such a positive person and it is no surprise that she has continued this throughout her adult life.  I love her perspective and how she has turned change and challenges into something positive and fulfilling.  An inspirational message for us all!



Reinventing Yourself

When I was younger, I envisioned my life a certain way, as I am sure many of us have.  Well, needless to say, marriage, 3 kids and 8 moves later my life has changed drastically and not exactly as I envisioned…

As I mentioned, we move around A LOT and will continue to move every few years for the foreseeable future!  Every time we move, I have to start all over with new friends, living spaces, jobs, etc.

I never realized how frustrating this predicament could be.  We aren’t in control of where we move…and after some deep self-reflection I realized my vision of who I thought I would become wasn’t coming to fruition.  Then, one day it finally hit me!  I began to look around me to other people who shared my same challenges.  A select few of them didn’t seem to let the constant upheaval disrupt their lives, dreams, or goals.  What was it about these individuals?

I finally realized that they had a different perspective…they didn’t see moving as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. So, I wondered, “Could I reinvent myself, too?”   “What would I have to do to make that happen?”

Well, first, my attitude toward where I was in life had to change.  I realized I had to stop trying to control everything and to enjoy my life as it was, warts and all.  Second, I had to fix my “problem” of my self-imposed, outdated life view (which isn’t really a problem) and renovate it with a new perspective.

I decided to search around and truly figure out what I need, what my family needed, and most importantly, what I enjoyed.  I had to find a job that worked with my lifestyle as a mother and as a spouse to a husband that works long hours with a changing work schedule.  I also needed something flexible and transferable which doesn’t require a new degree or expensive certification every time I moved.  Finally, I wanted to make it something I was very interested in, because if you don’t enjoy what you are doing most of the time, it becomes a miserable situation for you and everyone around you.

What did I do about it?  Well, I couldn’t find one thing that met all my needs, so I chose a few avenues instead.  I love health and wellness… I finished certification as a personal trainer and Pilates mat instructor and I occasionally train or hold classes for friends and family.

I also researched and took classes on web design and started a blog with my neighbor called “Not Me but My Creative Neighbor.” In this blog, we showcase people’s creative talents from across the country, and sometimes the world, as we meet interesting people day-to-day.

Since I am crazy about skin care and beauty products, I became an Arbonne Independent Consultant because I love the company, its supportive and positive people, and their pure, safe, beneficial products.  My entrepreneurial spirit will let me take this job anywhere we move!

Finally, I will start a Master’s degree this January in a topic I enjoy, which, once completed, should allow me to find a job anywhere we move!

I am not saying all of this is easy or that I don’t have my moments, but after reinventing myself and my perspective, I find that I really like this journey I am on.  It has been good for me as a mother, wife and for my personal well-being.

Looking at your life, are you good with where you are…or do you need to reinvent yourself?  If so, how would you reinvent yourself?  Can you sit down today and start your journey?

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