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Mom & Dad Europe

Yesterday, my sister posted about my parents European Vacation 40 years ago.   She put it together to get advice on what to do with the memories for my Dad  for what would have been my parents 43rd wedding anniversary next week.

Of course, I LOVED every part of it….

How fun my parents were with their young love

How they took hotel keys from almost every place they stayed in Europe

How it made me cry thinking about how happy and carefree my parents were before cancer, depression and an early death changed everything for them.

How they kept a journal during the trip so their memories are documented in their own words from the 70’s!

And especially how my sister’s love for my Dad inspired her to go to the effort to pull all of this together and share it.

But what was a little unexpected was how many other people also enjoyed reading it. Since she posted it yesterday, it has had almost 19,000 views!

I think it is a small source of inspiration to…

Love Unconditionally

Have Fun


Journal, especially about the happy times

Create your own awesome memories

Here is the link, again.

My parents had always planned to go back and return the keys to all 26 hotels.

With a little pushing, planning and coming up with a way to fund the trip –  my sister will surely figure out a way to re-create this trip with my Dad or with her future husband and document all of the memories! I hope at least!!

Thank you to Court for pulling together and sharing! Thank you to my Dad for creating and documenting his memories with Mom!

This has definitely made me re-think how I am creating and capturing memories for myself and to pass along to my children.

Any suggestions for what to do with their memories? Do you agree this trip needs to be re-created somehow to return the keys?!   Do you have any great travel memories to share? How about ideas and  inspiration for others on trying to create and capture memories?