Marriage Equality for Everyone: Love is Love


 If my husband and I would have fallen in love 25 years earlier –

it would have been illegal for us to get married. 

That really is crazy and honestly sometimes hard to believe.  But, it is reality. It is also reality that there are still people who don’t think interracial relationships are ok.   Fortunately, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks because we can still legally marry.

A while ago  a new friend commented on how hard it must have been for us at the beginning of our relationship.

It took me off-guard because I didn’t feel this way. It wasn’t hard, it was love.  Her comment was difficult for me to hear because I knew she looked at us differently. She didn’t see us as equal because in her eyes just being together was a challenge for us.

I couldn’t help first falling in love with my husband when I was 16. And despite our break-ups in college, I kept falling in love with him for 10 more years until we got married. We are so fortunate that the United States changed the laws and allowed us to marry.

What is really crazy is that there are still laws prohibiting Americans to marry the person they are in love with. I hope that the Supreme Court will make the same decision for same-sex marriages to allow EVERYONE, regardless of race or gender, to have the right to marry the person they love. 

I hope that  same-sex married couples will also be able to look back and say “Can you believe that 25 years ago it would have been illegal for us  to get married? Isn’t that crazy and hard to believe?!”

I believe in marriage equality for everyone! Let’s be on the right side of history!


And if you need any convincing or want to hear a heart-felt story- watch this video.