You Are Beautiful!

I woke up this morning to an email from my sister with this video. It made me cry. Although I’ll admit I was still a little emotional from losing our other mother, Mayme, on our Mom’s birthday yesterday.

Mom has been gone 13 years, but I will never forget how she would do anything and everything to help me feel beautiful.  I always struggled with self-esteem issues, mainly because of my skin.  She felt my teenage and early 20’s pain and we tried so many different options. We went to several specialists – dermatologists, cosmetologists, and cosmetic laser specialists.

She even let me use the tanning bed and use 4 sunblock, which was not good with my pale skin, in an effort to mask my skin problems. I was on Accutane , a crazy strong medicine that I didn’t need to be on, multiple times. The side effects were horrible, but we both thought it would make things better.

I completely understand and appreciate her love for me and desire to make me feel beautiful. She would have done anything for me. She hated seeing me so upset.

I just wish she would have concentrated more on improving my confidence. More on  loving myself and helping me realize that I was truly beautiful, no matter what my skin looked like.

I loved all the male Dove commercials that aired during the NCAA tournament in March. This is another great video for women (and men) to remind yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!