How To Be A Bounce Back Person and Overcoming Setbacks To Live An Awesome Life

I woke up this morning and was feeling really down over a situation that I was viewing as a setback.  I probably would have continued to think this way, but instead I had an email from  Omar Negron, creator of PixPirations,  with this guest post to snap me out of it. We all face hard times, bad days and setbacks. It’s a part of life. What is unique is how we handle these situations. I am grateful to Omar for reminding me to stay positive and be a bounce back person! 

I was engaged watching Pastor Joel Osteen’s video about overcoming setbacks and I heard him quote a passage in the bible, “the righteous will flourish like a palm tree!”

This leads me to think that life is not always a bed of roses. As we go through life, we encounter so many bumps and turns along the road but these should not discourage us from moving on with life. Just like a palm tree, bounce back after the storm.

Does it Sound Easier Said than Done?

Yeah, right! It’s easy to say – get up and get going! It’s not likely that you are going to do that after you lose your job or the bank foreclosed your house and left you with so many debts to pay. You feel that life is being hard on you and no amount of words could calm you down right now. You feel the weight on your shoulders. You get into depression and this makes your life more miserable! Depression does not help solve the problems, it amplifies them and makes it worst.

Yes, it’s not easy but don’t you think others who have been through this same type of problem as well?

Just remember whenever you want to remain in a sad state…“Stand up and pick up the pieces, all of this will soon pass…..” We’ve been there done that and it didn’t help.”

You’ve got to have this bounce back mentality.

Bounce Back Mentality?

To quote Mr. Osteen’s statement; “when you get knocked down, you don’t stay down, you get back up again.” This has a powerful meaning and simply means that whatever adversities might come your way, whether on your health, finances, career, family or life itself, get up and rise above these obstacles. There is no difficulty you can’t overcome.

If you learn to recognize that the setback you are in right now is just temporary and that you are off to making an even bigger and better comeback, then you are a bounce back person. You know that it won’t help if you just sit there and feel sorry for yourself.

You are a bounce back person if you know and believe that difficult times will come but you have the resiliency to pull through every storm that may come your way.

You have this bounce back mentality if the going gets rough and you acknowledge it and rise above it without questioning why.

How to Develop that Positive Attitude?

Remember when you would always say, you can’t do it. But your mom would always tell you, “sure you can, you are the best and the smartest of them all!

It’s so unfortunate that some people can get so unconfident about what they can do and conquer in their lives. If you believe in yourself, you sure can triumph over your problems. Your faith in God and in yourself will pull you through it all.

To have that bounce back personality:

Talk to Your Problems

As Mr. Osteen said, don’t talk about your problems but instead talk to your problems. Tell them to go away and go somewhere else. This way, you are telling yourself that you have the power to overcome any obstacles in life. You want to spread positivity around you.

Be Like a Palm Tree

Compare yourself to a palm tree that goes where the wind blows. Strong winds can bend it down but after the storm, it bounces back standing tall as if it was not blown by the wind. What I would like to say – be resilient. No matter how tough and difficult your problems are, you know that they will all pass and a new beginning is always there waiting for you.

Recognize That Nothing is Permanent

You know that your problems will not last forever and sooner or later, everything will turn around your way. The wind is furiously blowing now but tomorrow is a different story. It might have mellowed or calmed down completely. Life is no different, just go with the flow and remain strong.

Do you want to develop a bounce back personality? Start right now and be the person that you ought to be by focusing on staying positive, being grateful for what you have instead of what you don’t and avoid complaining about your problems.

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