Having Faith, Staying Positive and Embracing New Beginnings

new beginningsI loved the series finale of The Office last Thursday night. It was full of happy endings and new beginnings.

They reflected on the past nine seasons and all the changes that have happened. It hit home with me because I found out the day  before that my employment of the past nine years was also ending.

My first reaction was a few tears. I knew this day would come, but I wasn’t going to be the one to do it. I had thought about ending it, but it was just such a great situation with wonderful people that I never wanted to.

We have also had a lot of change over the past 91/2 years and this job was the one constant. When we moved out-of-state less than two years after starting I was able to telecommute from the next 3 cities we lived. It was there for me each time after my first 3 kids. It was a good thing.

But I am thankful for federal budget cuts because it has allowed me a chance for a new beginning.  I am excited for the future. It is full of possibilities and something even better.

I also have many friends and a few family members going through big life transitions right now. Several are great opportunities, other changes were out of necessity,  and a few are still trying to decide whether to take a risk and leave a good thing for an uncertain future.

I know how it feels. We have had many life transitions. We have left wonderful situations, but our next journey was just a good or better. In the past, I have looked at change or the future with fear. I would literally make myself sick thinking about the things that could go wrong or doubting my/our decision.

Of course, nothing good came out of all of the worry and doubt. And every time when I would finally stop worrying and choose to be positive things would fall into place.

Whether it’s a major decision (changing jobs, moving, ending a relationship, buying a house, deciding what college to attend) or something smaller – you can’t let fear and doubt get in the way.

My husband re-tweeted this Jon Gordon  quote yesterday “Faith & fear have one thing in common. They both believe in a future that hasn’t happened yet. Choose to believe in a positive future. Choose faith.”

I thought it was perfect summary to what I had been thinking about for my work and other life situations.  I know fear is really just an illusion and it shouldn’t play a role in life decisions or visions of the future.

Remember that “just because something good ends, doesn’t mean something better won’t begin.”

Think positive in each moment. Have faith in the future. 

And if you end up making a bad decision, keep positive and have faith that better things are ahead!