Appreciating The Moment & A 3-Year Olds Love For Her Daddy

On Father’s Day I took the kids out for a while so my husband could have some quiet time at home – something you rarely get with 4 kids! In the car I got the brilliant idea to use the voice memo recorder on my phone to tape all the things we love about daddy.

Of course, it didn’t turn out as beautiful or anywhere close to what I hoped. The boys just talked about basketball, the baby was really loud chatting in the background and my 4-year old ended it with something totally crazy and probably inappropriate.

Then the kids new favorite song, Thrift Shop, came on and they kept repeating the beginning of the song “What What. What. What.” And that was the end of my fun father’s day surprise.

It’s a few days later and I was thinking about it again. I went back to listen to it and it was gone. The only thing on there was an 8 second clip of the boys yelling “ay yi yi ye yi” and ending with “butt.”

It made me laugh because it is a perfect picture of my 8 and 6-year-old boys.

It also made me think about how important it is to love and appreciate each moment for exactly what it is.  Even if it isn’t perfect. Even if it isn’t exactly what you had it mind. Love it because it is your moment. And it is real.

I wish I could go back and love that moment for what it was, not for what I wanted it to be.  I wish I could change the fact that my 8-year old deleted that moment because I gave him the impression that it wasn’t good enough.

Of course I can’t go back, but I can remember to appreciate the now and future moments.

It also reminded me of this list Caitlin made last year for Father’s Day. I didn’t appreciate it as much in that moment, but definitely do looking back. It is full of love and sweetness from the mind of a 3-year old.

Top 10 Things Caitlin Loves About Her Daddy…..

10. He gets us ice cream

9.  He gets me breakfast and milky

8. He carries me

7. He watches my gymnastics

6. He reads me books

5. He lets me paint his toenails


4. He tells me I look gorgeous

3. He gives me hugs and kisses

2. He calls me “My Baby” and says “Ohhh My Baby!”

And the #1 thing Cate loves about her Daddy….

He says “I love you Baby” and I say “I love you Dadda”


I thought she also did a good job summarizing key components of wellness and positive living- eating breakfast, having sweets, reading, exercise, affection, praise and most importantly lots of love!!

She is a year older, very independent, way more stubborn and a lot feistier. But the love between the two of them is still strong. And even though there is a new baby, she will always be Daddy’s baby girl.

IMG_5503 - Version 2

So remember to love and appreciate each moment for what it is, even if it isn’t perfect or even good. It is real and it is your moment.



PS – On another Father’s Day note read this great article, “Father’s Footsteps: On Becoming – and not becoming – my dad”  written by one of my high school friends, Benjamin Roesch.

Black and white photos by Captured Photography by Heidi Myers!