Creating Your Own Health & Happiness

Why does it always seem so hard to make changes when you need it the most?

When you are in a rut, feeling down, unhappy with your life, dreaming of changing jobs, not exercising, eating horribly or feeling lonely.

It’s those times when change seems overwhelming. You often know you need to make a change and want to change, but don’t know where to start or it feels too hard. So, you don’t do anything.

And you continue to complain about not feeling well or feeling overwhelmed or needing to exercise or being alone.

Last week, I found myself in one of these places. I was overwhelmed with the start of basketball season and solo mama duty. I had been feeling pretty comfortable with our new surroundings, but realized that I wasn’t there, yet.

I spent several days in a rut. All I wanted to do was to pack the kids in the car and drive to my dad’s for a refresher. I wanted to text my friends and set up a girls dinner ASAP. I wanted to call my mother-in-law and beg her to take the kids for the night. But the 15 hour car ride back home was not going to make that possible.

I finally snapped out of it and realized that there was no point in focusing on the things that were not possible. Instead, I needed re-focus, be proactive and decide what I needed to do to create my own new healthy, happy life.

I also thought of my sister.

A year and a half ago, she wrote this post about how her decision to make just one good choice led to more positive changes in her life. She was single and living it up in Chicago. Healthy behaviors were not part of her lifestyle. She was mentally and physically exhausted, extremely unfulfilled and bored. “So incredibly bored.”

She knew she had so many changes to make and felt completely overwhelmed. But, she decided to make just one good decision for her health and she stopped drinking diet coke.

This led her to drink more water, then take vitamin supplements, then start volunteering, then stop drinking.

The amazing thing is that since that one decision and the post she wrote about it, she has completely changed her entire life.

She revamped her diet (starting with following Dr. Mark Hyman’s recipes) and felt better immediately. The clean, healthy eating has become a way of life for her, not a fad or phase. You can find her snacking on avocados & almonds; and juicing has replaced diet cokes completely.

She went from walking her dogs (when she had to!), to getting up at 5am on Monday mornings to walk/run as a volunteer with the Back on My Feet program to completing 3 mini-marathons.

She lost 25 pounds and has never felt better.

She fell in love, got married and moved to Denver, Colorado.

And she is pursuing her passion of writing.

She created her own health and happiness. And it started with just one small choice.

We can do the same.

She hates to be called inspirational. But, she is. Thanks Court :)

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