Simplify Your Goals for 2014: Choose One Word

Happy new year!

Do you use this time of year to make a resolution? I don’t. :)

But, I do love using the fresh start of a new year to reflect on my past and envision my future.

The past several months my boys ( 61/2 & 9) have been fighting and it has not been pretty. Hitting. Hateful words. Yelling. Crying. It has been stressing me out! And my reaction and actions have been a true reflection of my feelings – STRESS! Not the loving and peaceful parenting I strive for.

So, before the new year I had been thinking about having my only goal for this year geared to living life with love and peace. And not worrying about anything else.

Then I happened to watch this segment on the Today Show yesterday with Jon Gordon (love him, by the way!!) about simplifying your new year’s goal to ONE WORD.

He says, “Nine out of ten of us will fail with your resolutions. Half of us will fail by the end of January. One word sticks. One word we can remember it and focus on it and do it. Then you have meaning and mission with that word, that gives you passion and purpose to live throughout the year.”

It was perfect. Exactly what I needed. Really what all of us can use. It can be a replacement for resolutions or a perfect complement to the changes you want to make.

A way to sum up and simplify your goals for the year.

My word is LOVE. love, goals

Starting with unconditional love of myself. Which means making self-care a priority. Forgiving myself for mistakes. Replacing any negative talk with one word, love.

Unconditional love of my husband. For his whole being, including all of his faults.

Parenting with unconditional love at all times – especially during those times I really want to run far away :) Parenting challenges, including sibling rivalry, will always be there, but my reaction to it can either be irritation, stress, anxiety, anger or love. I’m striving for love.

Treating everyone, including strangers, with love. No matter where you live you run into negative, mean, angry, aggressive, rude, disrespectful and hateful people. Often it’s hard to feel love and positivity when you are treated poorly by anyone. I can’t count the number of times my blood has boiled because of rude customer service. Who knows, maybe I’ll have an amazing year only surrounded by positive people! But, if not, my goal is to turn any negative feelings into love and positivity. My plan is to repeat my one word, LOVE, over and over in my head until I feel better and hope it rubs off!

Have you chosen ONE WORD for 2014?



P.S. If you love this idea, Jon Gordon has written a book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, all about this concept. He also has lots of other great motivational and positive books if you are looking for an inspirational read!



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