Change, Gratitude & 2 Years of Love Well Live Well!

Last month was the 2-year anniversary of Love Well Live Well! It is amazing to think back at how much I have grown in my holistic wellness journey during this time. I have been inconsistent, often going months without a post, but realize that this blog and especially everyone who has taken the time to read and comment has given me so much support! So THANK YOU!!!!

The idea for this site first came into my head at least 3 years before I took the plunge.   You know when you get an idea in your head, but you don’t really know where it’s going to lead you or if it makes sense, so you try to just ignore it? You think of all the reasons not to do something, but then it won’t go away, so you finally decide, “I really need to just go for it and see what happens?” Well, that is what happened with this blog.

Often, when we want to make a change, do something out of our comfort zone, or follow our passion the timing just doesn’t seem right. Then there are the situations when we will stay stuck in the contemplation phase forever if we don’t just do it!

I am grateful for my sister in pushing me along two years ago to finally start this blog. It has also paved the way to move forward with another journey I will be sharing about soon! I hope it has provided a little inspiration to you on your wellness journey, as well!

Here are three reminders for today:

1) If you have a nagging dream, idea, or want to make changes in your life – JUST DO IT!!!  The timing will probably never be perfect, so good enough timing may have to do!

2) There is no time better than the present to make your health and well-being a priority!

3) No matter what is going on in your life don’t forget gratitude!

Milestones are a great time to look back and be grateful for the past, the present and the future.  In keeping with that spirit, I wanted to share a few highlights from the past 2 years of Love Well Live Well. I’m looking forward to sharing more love, positivity and ideas for keeping your mind, body and spirit well!

Thank you again for reading and commenting and sharing your own love and inspiration! I truly am filled with gratitude!

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Everybody has different feelings…. – I love this video of my 5-year old daughter singing a song she came up with on the fly.

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Healthy Homemade & DIY

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Positive Living/Self-Improvement

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Guest Posts (I was extremely grateful to have these wonderful guest posts and love them all!!!)

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How To Be A Bounce Back Person and Overcoming Setbacks to Live An Awesome Life 


Lots of love and gratitude,

Gratitude is powerful!