Removing Limitations and Making Our Dreams Come True

I love watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, but I don’t typically get the chance to watch it. I turned it on today, but instead caught a few minutes of one of her Life Classes with Joel Osteen. The topic was Dreaming Big: What is the Dream You Hold for Yourself?

I literally only heard 5 minutes, but one thing Oprah said has stuck with me,

“Take the limits off what you think is possible and dream big!”

It is so true that we often set limitations for ourselves, our dreams, our happiness, our wellness. But why?

Why do we limit ourselves from feeling the best we can? To being happy and truly enjoying life? To experiencing fulfillment and purpose?

Fear, doubt, negativity, insecurities, lack of love, anger, and stress are a few of things that get in our way. Why not replace those with faith, confidence, positivity, self-love, forgiveness, calm, peace and happiness?

There are many things that can get in the way of our dreams,  but our thoughts & attitude shouldn’t be one of them!

I bought this journal several weeks ago, but just opened it right before I caught the Oprah show. Coincidence? I think not! :)

Removing Limitations and Dreaming Big!

I’m going to make sure I’m not in the way of making my own dreams come true! :) What about you?!