Love, Cancer and 1000 Letters

A few weeks ago a friend posted this request on Facebook from the daughter of one of her friends.

“1000 Letters of Love”

My name is Lacey Joy Davidson, and my mother, Linnette Adams Davidson, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother is a strong, smart, and beautiful woman who is wife to Gerald, mother to four children, Sandra, James, myself, and Alexander, a sister to three wonderfully loving women, and a friend and caregiver to countless others.

My mother has shared her love and many gifts with her family, friends, and patients throughout her time on this earth. It is my goal to rally support and healing energy around this powerful and loving woman in her time of need.

I ask you to write a letter, poem, or thought of love and support to my mother. I ask you to share your joy, your strife, your love, and your story. The letter needn’t be long or eloquent or laborious. I just ask you to fill it will love and send it. My aspiration is for my mother to receive 1000 Letters of Love.

Please mail letters to:
Linnette Davidson
53081 Davidson Rd
Wirt, MN 56688

With love and gratitude,

A daughter striving to bring love, healing energy, and support to her to mom as she fights cancer. Her mom has shared so much love and many gifts with her family, so she wants to give back.

I love the idea and I also feel her pain.

I was only 10 when my mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer, but can relate more as a young adult when it came back 10 years later.

To the loved one of someone diagnosed with cancer, it can be overwhelming. Devastating. Heart-breaking. Feelings of sadness, anger, despair, and fear often overshadow the thoughts of love, hope and positivity.

You feel helpless. You want to make it better. You want to make it go away. You want to take the pain away from yourself and your loved one. But, you can’t.

You can let the stronger emotions of fear, anger and sadness overwhelm you. You can choose self-destruction and try to medicate your pain. You can hide. You can give all of yourself to your loved one and neglect yourself.


You can choose acceptance. You can accept that, yes this is a sucky glitch in your life’s path, but now it is a part of your journey.  You are right where you need to be. And you can choose which way you want to live this phase of your journey.

You can be positive. You can be a wonderful source of support for your loved one. You can bring smiles, laughter, light and hope.

You can have faith that the amazing modern medicine will do its job and your loved one will fight and be cancer free!

You can be grateful that there are so many holistic wellness options that you can learn about, practice yourself and encourage your loved one to prioritize, as well  (Kris Carr has even made wellness & healing cancer sexy!)

You can feel confident that even if the cancer takes your loved one away, everyone will be o.k.  You know that you are strong. It will be devastating, but you will be o.k.

You have the tools to deal with the grief. You can honor your loved one by continuing to live the best life you know how, not by wallowing in despair.

You can live in the moment and not focus on the future and the unknown. You can enjoy the present and cherish time with your loved one.

You can choose love.

And that is exactly what Miss Lacey has decided to do in response to her mom’s breast cancer diagnosis.

I love it. It is filled with so much hope, love, support, and positive energy.

It has been on my to do list since my friend shared it, but as I was helping my daughter with her valentine’s day cards, I thought what a perfect time to spread the love.

If you have a few minutes, why not try to brighten Lacey and Linnette’s day by spreading a little love. Just by her request, Lacey is sharing love and hope. Even if you don’t send a letter, use this as a reminder to do your part in distributing lots of love in the world!

If you are fighting cancer, a survivor, or love someone with cancer, YOU ARE AMAZING! There is so much love jumping out of the screen to you now. Keep passing along the love.

I would love to hear more stories of hope and love, please share!

Lots of love,