Thanksgiving 2015 Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope your day is filled with lots of love, gratitude, family, friends, good food and things that make you happy! 

And if you’re not feeling especially happy or grateful today…no worries, you are not alone!
I started my day a little grumpy, but quickly reminded myself that this is my typical pattern. Giving into the expectations of feeling a certain way on special days…gratitude today. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling especially grateful that all my boys wrote on our list was video games (PS4 & 2K) and money!

Fortunately, I figured out this pattern last Valentine’s Day when I was not feeling especially loving!
I declared…

“From this day on, I will continue to celebrate with great intentions, but I will remind myself that these special days are really just like any other day. If I do feel any sense of emptiness or guilt for not living up to the supposed holiday expectation, I will remind myself that it is o.k.  There is no pressure to be more loving, or more fun, or more thankful or happier today than any other day.”

(Read the entire post here if you need a little holiday boost!)

This year, what truly filled me with love and gratitude was a reminder from my 6-year old.

Trying to redeem the first gratitude list above, I gave the kids a new chalkboard and asked if they wanted to expand on their list. Caitlin took over and handed me this…

Love and Gratitude

I loved it. It isn’t your typical gratitude list, but it is perfect. It is the perfect embodiment of self-love, gratitude and compassion.

Be Nice

Be You

Try Your Best


And a perfect reminder of what really matters…kindness and love…for yourself and others.

It’s also not the first time she’s taught me about love (Lessons on Love from my 4-year old!) I love the things we can learn from those around us.

Sending lots of love, kindness and gratitude your way!!


Molly & Caitlin!



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