The Power of the Selfie: Especially for Moms!

How many pictures do you have of yourself?

I was looking through my phone for pictures to add to Facebook….realizing I should be better about it for all of our family and friends far away.

And I noticed something….I am barely in any of them!

Last month my friend posted some pictures of our kids from a trip and we were not in a single one. My dad commented on how we are never in the pictures and requested more of us.

Selfie Saturday! That was over a month ago and it has not happened.

Looking back further (all the way back to July!), I could only find a handful of pictures of myself. The majority of them being selfies with the kids.

I have to admit….I loved them.

It was so fun looking back and remembering what we were doing and the feeling of just being with my child.

The selfie gets a bad rap, but I think it is actually a great tool for self-love.

Loving yourself, as you are, in each moment.

Especially for moms, because let’s face it: motherhood changes us.

It changes our life, our bodies, and our self-care.

I can’t count the number of times I said, “No thanks,” when someone asked if I wanted to be in the picture.

I said no because I wasn’t feeling cute, I didn’t love how I looked, I hadn’t showered, I was in workout clothes…the list could go on…but I didn’t want to capture me, as I was, in that moment.

So, today is a little reminder to……

  1. Say YES to the picture! If someone offers to take your picture, say yes, even if you don’t feel picture perfect. Get crazy, go a step further and actually ask people to take your picture!
  2. Re-think the Selfie:  Consider the selfie  a tool for self-love and a way to capture those fleeting memories with your kids. Utilize the convenience of your phone to preserve even the most ordinary, but beautiful, moments of yourself and your kids. (Did you know your selfies even live in a special folder on your iPhone? A perfect accountability tool!)

Tell me…are you good about taking pictures of yourself??

Parents…do you utilize the selfie with your kids?

Lots of love,