Who Else Needs a Reminder to Put Down Your Phone?

I wanted to share a story about the dangers of not being fully aware with our children around water.

Also a nudge to think about how your phone and social media use impact your relationships, your wellness and your presence.

Most importantly a reminder of the valuable gift of presence.

I’ve re-read this post on a near-drowning experience (The Gift of Presence) the past few years as summer/swimming season appears. I’m grateful that this mom shared her story to help others because I know it wasn’t easy. It hit home a little more this year because a few weeks ago at a hotel pool my 3-year went under water as she walked off the steps into deeper water.  

My 7 & 9-year old were “watching her” until they both got distracted as they took turns being videotaped by my mother-in-law.  ( I’m grateful she was there to capture some cute shots!)

I briefly took my eyes off of her & down she went. Fortunately, it was barely a few seconds before I noticed and quickly pulled her out of the water. She was fine, a little upset, but didn’t seem to phase her.

However, it scared me. It was long enough to see her helpless underwater with no chance of coming up on her own.

It was a great reminder on how fast things can turn if you aren’t fully present. I am grateful that I WAS present, but also know there is no leeway when it comes to kids and water. It’s scary to think would have happened if I hadn’t noticed right away. Or if I had been on my phone, especially when it’s easy to get sucked in and time just slips away.

How does your phone and social media impact your presence?  

The mom in the article above was posting pictures of her adorable baby girl on Instagram while her 2-year took off his floaties, jumped in the water and nearly drowned.

It’s very common.  Instagram is for instant updates.

But, it is also can be a distraction and potentially deadly.

Do you ever obsess over capturing the moment and miss actually being in the moment?

Adele pointed this out to a concert-goer last week:  “Yeah, I want to tell that lady as well, can you stop filming me with a video camera because I’m really here in real life. You can enjoy it in real life, rather than through your camera.”

I love capturing memories and am not alone in believing that photographs can bring you much happiness.  I’m also a promoter of selfies for self-love, especially for moms!

The key is to be aware if it is taking you away from the moment. If you spend more time worrying about getting the perfect picture to share on social media and don’t appreciate the moment,  maybe it’s time to re-think your approach.

Do you feel like your phone, social media and the constant updates are impacting your wellness or your relationships?

Do you think you could be on your phone less and in the moment more?

Take the digital distraction quiz.

Awareness is the first step towards change. I felt pretty mindful of my social media/phone use, but after taking this quiz realize I have much room for improvement!

Incorporate Mindful Social Media Use

These two articles have great tips on how to have a healthy and mindful relationship with social media and your phone.

Mindful Social Networking: Includes simple guidelines to set for yourself when it comes to being online and on your phone. Tips for mindful posting and healthy social media use.

Before You Scroll Try This Mindful Social Media Practice:  Great tips on noticing emotions that social media elicits and how to be more mindful using it.

Tell me….is being present easy for you or does technology get in the way? Do you feel like you need to scale back or have you figured out healthy boundaries with your phone?

What about with your kids? I’m working on boundaries with my {almost} middle schooler (AHH!). I know it all starts with setting a good example….that includes the gift of presence.