Essential Oils as a Tool to Recharge & Prioritize Self-Care


How are you?! How is life in your world?

I am so grateful the sun finally came out! It has been cold and rainy for days, which tends to leave me a little blah for sure. The NBA season also started last week, which also means adjusting to a new schedule and a very busy husband. I’m noticing that I am in need of a re-charge!

The basketball season and the winter in New England tend to be quite long. In the past, I would dread it and fret about surviving. But, as I have gained a better grasp on self-care and mindfulness, I know that it is pointless to worry about how I’m going to feel in the future.

Instead, I need to focus on the moment and figure out how I’m going to prioritize my self-care during the busyness.

One of the new self-care tools that I’ve discovered (that my family is also benefiting from) is essential oils. 

Until recently, I had no idea that essential oils had so many more benefits beyond smelling good and tea tree oil for lice prevention!

More on that later, but basically I LOVE the oils so much that I have joined an amazing team of doTerra Wellness Advocates!

One of the benefits of my team is the amazing range of experts in the wellnessessential oils, self-care, cleanse field. They are offering a 7-day esSENTial Cleanse, beginning October 17,  focusing on 4 components of wellness and incorporating essential oils along the way!

As we enter Autumn, it is an ideal time to pause and engage in a seasonal cleanse. It is a chance to hit the reset button on your physical and emotional wellness. 

I’m excited to join because I know it will help prepare me for the winter ahead. Most importantly, I will feel confident knowing that I’m doing all I can to nourish my mind, body and spirit.

Want to join me?!

In this free, online event four components will be covered by a team of wellness experts to ensure you come out rejuvenated in all areas of your life!

Essential oils will be used in all segments, so if you are new to purchasing oils you will immediately know how to get the most impact from them!

Nutrition: daily recipes and shopping list to improve health and build immunity by health coach, Carley Schweet of Coaching by Carly.

Yoga: daily yoga sequence to support your body by yoga instructor Nikki Corridori of Essential Living.

Mindfulness: daily exercise for emotional healing by May Cause Miracles Coach Tammy Kaplan Spiewak. (Do you follow the work of Gabby Bernstein? I just went to her book signing Saturday…so inspiring! Love her messages….all about LOVE!)

Living: daily DIY to replace toxin products by therapist Light and  Lotus.

This free opportunity (a $399 value!) is available to both new and existing doTerra customers!

New to essential oils, visit my doTerra site for more info!

Heard about the amazing benefits of essential oils, but don’t really know where/how to begin?

Ready for a re-boot? Need to prioritize self-care? Contact me!  This is the perfect opportunity!

Thoughts? Do you have experience with oils? Questions? I would love to hear from you!!



*Photos credited to Light and Lotus!