An Authentic, Positive and Supportive Environment to Reach Your Wellness Goals!


Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30am

September 26-November 14, 2017

Wellesley, MA


Activity #: 442663 – Connect with Your Best Self: An Inspired Wellness Journey for Women

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Women…can you relate to any of these statements?

  • I have a specific wellness goal (weight loss, nutrition, fitness, more energy, better balance, inner peace, finding purpose, meditation, etc.) in mind that I want to reach, but haven’t been able to do it alone
  • I want to prioritize myself and my self-care
  • I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle and want to take it to a deeper level
  • I feel inspired and motivated when surrounded by people who lift me up
  • I dream of being a calm and happy person
  • I want to remember who I am, outside of a mom, wife, volunteer, employee, etc.
  • I know I need to put myself and my wellbeing at the top of the list, but can’t figure out how to amongst the craziness of life
  • I feel a yearning for something more
  • I would love to dedicate 2-hours each week to myself and my wellness & then go home with a specific plan for reaching my goals
  • I want to focus on loving myself unconditionally & making changes because I WANT to, not because I feel like I’m not good enough, as I am

Did any of those statements resonate? 

Do you want to feel….


How about full of LOVE & LIGHT? 


If so, I would love for you to join me and other like-minded women in an 8-week journey towards authentic living and your feeling your best!

Whether you have specific feeling or wellness goals in mind, want to delve into self-discovery or simply have the vision of wanting to feel the best you can THIS COURSE IF FOR YOU! 

In this powerful group experience, you will be led by a certified health and wellness coach, surrounded by positive energy and supported by other women also working towards connecting with their best self.

Each week will be centered on a holistic wellness-related theme, including self-love, self-compassion, prioritization, energy, gratitude, balance, nutrition, exercise, inner peace, mindfulness, essential oils, finding passion or any other topics that interest the group!

What Women from the 1st Course are Saying….

“It was such a pleasure to be part of Molly’s wellness group. Self care and self-love are so important to overall well-being and she provided great insight and tools to living more mindfully and positively.”


“I liked being urged to dig deep and think about what brings me joy, my goals etc, and start to think about ways to make small changes to accomplish them. I wouldn’t have done this on my own.”


“Being a part of a supportive, safe environment is really inspiring.”


“This was an amazing experience guided by Molly’s thoughtful, knowledgeable, supportive environment.”


What is included:

  • Opportunities for Self-discovery 
    • Wellness Assessment: to help gain self-awareness, insights and a sense of your priorities.
    • Introspective Activities: YOU are the key to living authentically & feeling your best. These exercises will help you search inside.
  • Concrete Plan to Reach your Goals
    • Wellness Vision: You will create your own personal wellness vision.
    • SMART Goals: Achievable action steps will be set to help you reach your goals.
  • Support and Accountability
    • Unlimited email support 
    • Private FB group to share resources and for extra support and accountability.
  • Infinite Positive Energy, Inspiration & Love! 
    • For 2-hours each Tuesday for 8-weeks you are guaranteed to be in a positive, loving and supportive environment with the attention on you and your self-care!
    • You will be encouraged to focus on your strengths, reach any goal you envision, reframe negatives into learning experiences, and love yourself unconditionally.

For women who are ready to commit to themselves…no other requiremenself-care promisets needed!


Activity #: 442663 – Connect with Your Best Self: An Inspired Wellness Journey for Women

There are limited spots because it is a smaller group (max 10) to allow for an intimate setting, deeper conversations, lasting connections, and more individualized support.